Thursday 24 November 2011

Author Interview: Alyssa Rose Ivy

Hey everyone,

I’m pleased to present an interview with the author of the epic Beckoning Light, Alyssa Rose Ivy!

Hi Alyssa! Can you tell us a little bit about your novel, Beckoning Light?

Hi Katie, thanks for having me!

Beckoning Light is the first book in the Afterglow Trilogy. It’s a YA fantasy novel with both action and romance told from the dual perspective of a brother and sister.

How did the idea for Beckoning Light come about?

It all started with a dream. Although the scene that inspired it all never made it into the actual book, it gave me the idea for the hidden world and some of the characters (Charlotte and Calvin).

What made you want to write for a YA audience?

I love the YA voice. There is just something so real and poignant about the voice of a teenager and I find it so much fun to write.

What were your favorite books to read as a teenager?

I read lots of different types of books as a teen. I discovered Jane Austen in high school and spent a lot of time reading the classics, but I also enjoyed a lot of mystery and fantasy books as well.

Beckoning Light is the first book in The Afterglow Trilogy; how is the second book coming along?

The first draft of book two, Perilous Light, is complete and I am now working through some revisions. With two young children at home it’s taken some time, but I’ll have it to my editor in February and should be on schedule for an early spring release.

Are you working on any other novels beside The Afterglow Trilogy at the moment?

I’m also working on the first book in a new series, the Crescent Chronicles. It’s a YA Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance set in New Orleans and narrated by a college student.

Thanks for stopping by Alyssa! I’ll be sure to keep a look out for the Crescent Chronicles and I can’t wait for Perilous Light!

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And be sure to follow her on Twitter:!/alyssaroseivy

Review of Beckoning Light coming soon!

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  1. YA fantasy with action AND romance? My type of thing! This sounds like it could be a great read! :) Thanks for the interview.


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