Wednesday 13 June 2012

Meg-A Readers Blog Hop: I Will Be Forever Grateful

Hey Everyone!

I'm proud to be part of the fabulous Meg-A Readers Blog Hop hosted by The Romance Bookie and Little Miss Drama Queen. My post is about how The Mediator Series completely changed my opinion of reading! Enjoy!

I Will Forever be Grateful

I hated reading. No, really, I did. The worst day of the week at school for me was the day that we had a library session. I actually detested having to pick out a book to read for the week. So how exactly did I end up a complete bookworm within a few years? The answer: The Mediator Series. 

Back in 2008 the only book series I’d ever actually enjoyed reading was Harry Potter. And believe me, even that was a shock for me to have actually read them in the first place. I could just never get into books.
It was by a complete accident that I ended up with a copy of the first Mediator book. I actually won it in a school raffle but because books didn’t interest me, it was just left untouched in my room.

About a week later I fell ill with the worst cold. Since I was stuck in the house with nothing to do, I picked up The Mediator. For the first time in my life, I actually couldn’t put a book down. Even my own mother was like: “Wait, are you reading?? By choice??” 

I completely fell in love with Suze and Jesse. Before I knew it I had ordered the rest of the series from Amazon and was at the end of book 6, crying like a baby. I just loved every aspect of the story and every character was fabulous! 

After I finished the series I then went on to read all of Meg’s other teen books. It was her books that made me passionate about reading – and now I’m a full time bookworm! 

The Mediator is, to this day, STILL the best series I have ever had the pleasure of reading. And trust me, since The Mediator, I have read a lot of book series.

Not only did The Mediator inspire me to read, it also inspired me to draw. I decided one day to draw a fan art of Jesse and Suze because they were just that awesome and since then have continued drawing fan art.

I'm not the only one who Meg has inspired to read with The Mediator Series. My younger sister was constantly asking me how I could read so much, she found it boring. So, I of course gave her my copy of The Mediator and needless to say she is now a huge Meg fan. Win!

It’s safe to say that The Mediator changed my whole opinion on books. Without Meg’s awesome writing, I would never have fallen in love with reading and I would never have started to draw fan art. This blog wouldn’t even exist! For that, I will be forever grateful!


  1. Katie, this is a great post! And I think you'll be excited to know that Meg has been seriously thinking and planning on writing ANOTHER Mediator book!! :)

    And I loved your drawing!
    Mandy (The Romance Bookie)
    PS: Thanks for taking part in Meg-A Readers!

  2. I love Meg Cabot too :D She is amazing and I adored every single one of her books except for Princess Diaries :/ It was her novel that got me hooked onto reading too!! But for me, it was the Airhead series. Then I proceeded to fall even more in love with Avalon High and her regency novels (Nicola & x; Victoria & y). She is my all-time favourite author, even till today :D

    Awesome post!


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