Friday 13 July 2012

Review: The Selection by Kiera Cass

Bookish Details:
Series: The Selection #1
Pages: 327
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release Date: April 24th 2012 (US) June 7th 2012 (UK)

Thirty-five beautiful girls. Thirty-five beautiful rivals…

It’s the chance of a lifetime and 17-year-old America Singer should feel lucky. She has been chosen for The Selection, a reality TV lottery in which the special few compete for gorgeous Prince Maxon's love.

Swept up in a world of elaborate gowns, glittering jewels and decadent feasts, America is living a new and glamorous life. And the prince takes a special interest in her, much to the outrage of the others.

Rivalry within The Selection is fierce and not all of the girls are prepared to play by the rules. But what they don’t know is that America has a secret — one which could throw the whole competition… and change her life forever.

My Review:

It was ages ago when I first added The Selection to my To-Read list on Goodreads. The synopsis completely intrigued me and I couldn’t wait to read it! It’s safe to say that The Selection did not disappoint.

The Selection is a dystopian novel but not in the way most people think. I’d like to call is a sort of ‘Disney Dystopian’ if you catch my drift. It’s not all battles to the death, more like battles to the crown and the hot Prince. I think it's great to read a slightly lighter novel sometimes to have a break from all the serious and more murderous stories!

America is a really sweet character and you can't help but root for her throughout the book. I can't wait to see how her character develops.

The love triangle in The Selection is fabulous! At the start of the book I was like:

“You need to be with Aspen. I love Aspen.”

Then halfway through the book I was like:

“Forget Aspen, you need to be with Maxon. I love Maxon.”

Then at the end of the book like:

“Oh I just don’t know anymore!”

The plot is genius. It really is like a royal version of The Bachelor – I’ve never read anything like it!

This is a fun read with hints of something darker being about to take place. I can’t wait to see where the story goes in the sequel, The Elite, due out next year.
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  1. Great review! I have a few other books to read first, but I already bought this one and it's sitting on my Kindle just waiting to be read.

  2. I absolutely loved this book! It was amazing! I'm glad you liked it too!

    Great review!

  3. Thanks for a great review; thanks for sharing and I'll definitely look into it :) I just found your blog and will def be following it from now on! A few days ago I added some summer reading lists to my new blog if you want to take a look:
    Thanks again!

  4. Hi Katie,
    I've enjoyed this book too even if I've read a lot of bad comments. I'm glad I've decide to try it and I will wait for the sequel...
    One of your new follower,


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