Wednesday 29 August 2012

Feature: But What About The Cover? #7

'But What About The Cover?' is going to be a weekly feature hosted by The Queen of Teen Fiction. I will be pitching two book covers from various countries up against each other to decide which one is best.

This week the cover spotlight is on Abandon by the fabulous Meg Cabot. Today I will be showing the US and the UK covers for the book.

                                                US                                                     UK

Now, this is way too hard for me to call. Both covers are absolutely stunning! I think that both of the covers represent the story and plot line well. I actually do own both covers because they are so pretty! I like the fact that the UK cover shows both Pierce and John. The design is very clever. That being said, the US cover is equally as eye catching!

So, this one is up to you! What cover do you prefer and why? Let me know!


  1. I like the U.K. cover more. It's really pretty.
    Cool feature! :D

  2. I know this book is really dark, but I dunno, the UK cover sorta scares I think I like the US one better. xD


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