Tuesday 9 October 2012

Author Interview: Shayne Leighton!

Hi everyone! I pleased to present an interview with the fabulous Shayne Leighton, author of 'Of Light and Darkness'.

1. Hi Shayne! Thanks for stopping by the blog! What inspired you to write Of Light and Darkness?  
Thanks! I'm happy to be here. I was inspired to write Of Light and Darkness because I was inspired by real people and invents in my life. I love fantasy, and I would love to live in a fantastical world, so I took situations in my life and people I actually know and created a world with magic and fantasy where they would exist. My husband inspired the character of Valek and because he is from the Czech Republic, I set the novel in Prague.

2.  Did you always plan for the book to be a series?  
Yes. I always knew the story was too big for just one book. I wanted the time and space to expound upon characters and their back stories and to really build on the conflicts and themes of the story.

3. What where the best and worst parts of writing Of Light and Darkness?  
The worst parts, by far, was hitting a writer's block. There is nothing worse than trying to tell a story, and not being able to figure out what happens next. Sometimes the novel would sit on the computer for weeks, before I figured out where I wanted to go with it. The best and most gratifying parts, was when I was really jiving with a scene and loving how the story was developing and what the characters were doing. Sometimes, the characters really drive the story.

4. I hear that you’ve developed the book into film! What was that experience like for you?  
We are still in the development process. It's both a struggle, and a lot of fun. It's cool to see the project coming together and various filmmakers and cast members eager to get on board with the project. I love filming the teasers to entice both audience members and industry people. It's cool to see the story I wrote play out with real people and with sets, costumes, and other visual aspects.

5. Any hints as to what’s next in store for Charlotte and Valek?  
A lot of drama and a lot of danger awaits Valek and Charlotte in book two! I can definitely say that their relationship gets challenged. You'll just have to wait and see. ;) 

Thanks for stopping by Shayne! I can't wait for book 2!

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