Sunday 7 July 2013

An Evening With Cassandra Clare!

Hey guys!

So this week I was lucky enough to attend an evening with Cassandra Clare in London with special guests Sarah Rees Brennan and Jamie Campbell Bower! (Who is, of course, Jace in the City of Bones movie.)

Since I live miles away from London, it took me a good three hours to get there. When I arrived at about 3pm, the queue was already huge! There were shadowhunters with runes all over their arms lining up outside St James's Church.

This was the other side of the church, where the line was already spreading to by the time I got there!

When we were finally allowed inside, we had to buy the movie edition of City of Bones to be signed. I love the cover!

Inside the church was beautiful! It was a perfect place to hold the Q&A because it all looked very Institute like.

I ended up on the second to last row in the church, but I had a good view of Cassie. Unfortunately, there was a cameraman blocking my view of Jamie! I did, however, mange lift my camera up to get this adorable picture!

The Q&A was awesome. Jamie and Cassie are so funny! We were shown the trailer for the film, and even though I've seen it a million times before, it was so much more exciting to watch it in a church full of fans.

Jamie revealed that he had decided on a tattoo for TMI. He told us that he was going to get the quote, "I am, after all, what you made me" on his back! He said he loved the "To love is to destroy" quote, but it was a bit dark, so he decided against it.

At the end of the session, Jamie said he had a surprise for us. He said he wanted to sing a couple of songs to thank us for being there! I was so happy because I used to adore Jamie's band from back before he was cast as Jace!

A couple of girls got near the front of the church when he sat down with his guitar so I joined them to get a better view. I managed to film some of his signing and got a couple of great pics!

I also filmed a short video clip as well!

The we were taken row by row to meet Cassie and Jamie and get our books signed. Jamie was so lovely and I noticed he was wearing that famous Morgenstern ring! I chatted to Cassie about London and she said how nice everyone always was to her whenever she came here. I also got my beloved copy of Clockwork Princess signed!

It was a fantastic day and I certainly won't be forgetting it in a hurry! 100% worth all of the travelling and rushing to find a hotel for the night!

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