Tuesday 29 October 2013

An Evening With L.A. Weatherly

Hi, everyone! L.A. Weatherly, author of the Angel series, is currently on a book tour of the UK to celebrate the release Angel Fever, the final installment of the series! I was delighted to find out she'd be coming to Liverpool, my nearest city. It isn't often I get to signings of authors I adore!

So yesterday evening I got the train over to the bookstore where the event was taking place. I went solo since none of my friends have read the series! It was L.A.'s first book talk since the release of Angel Fever, so she was mega excited to finally get to talk about it with fans for the first time. Luckily, all of us in attendance had already finished the book, so we could talk spoilers. 

The Q&A lasted for over an hour! The conversation just kept flowing and it was a wonderful atmosphere. I asked if she'd already known the ending for the characters when she first started the series, and she told me she'd had an idea, but then other characters popped into mind and changed things up a bit.

She also told us that the film right to the series had been optioned, and that there was talk of producers looking at possibly adapting the books for a TV mini-series, which is super exciting! I'll be keeping my finger crossed to see Willow onscreen in the future.

After the talk, we had the opportunity to get our books signed and have a chat. I had such a great time, even going alone, because there were plenty of other readers to meet and talk to. Thank you to L.A. Weatherly for an awesome event!

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