Wednesday 18 December 2013

Book Blast: Interview with Sophia Sharp, Author of Forsaken

I'm delighted to be taking part in the book blast for Forsaken by Sophia Sharp today! The book is the first in The Forsaken Saga and was released on December 15th.

Nora Colburn was perfectly content in life. A junior in high school, she had good friends, a great family, and did well in school.  Nothing particularly exciting ever happened where she lived, and everything was stable.

But that all drastically changes when a new student arrives at Nora’s school. Wild rumors swirl about his past, and Nora becomes determined to find out the truth.

As she gets to know the mysterious student, he shares with her an ancient secret... one that may yet put both of them in grave danger.

And for the first time in her life, Nora is exposed to a completely unfamiliar world. She is swept away on an exhilarating journey that takes her to a place where romance and great destiny may yet await... and where supernatural powers run wild.

Sounds exciting, doesn't it? I had the chance to ask Sophia a few questions about her new novel!

Hi, Sophia! Can you tell us a little bit about your novel, Forsaken?
Forsaken is a story that takes place in a magical, supernatural girl.  It's a book for YA readers who like a large dose of action and a sprinkling of romance.  

What inspired you to write Forsaken?
I grew up reading fantasy/YA books, so writing in this genre is something that always appealed to me. The idea of Forsaken came to me in a dream... and once you've read the book, you'll know *exactly* what that means ;)

Did you relate to any of your characters at all whilst writing the book?
Funny enough, the character I related to most was Hunter, the male lead and our protagonist's love interest.  I grew up with two younger brothers, so sometimes it seems like it's easier for me to understand the male mind than my own!  Hunter's story is only just revealed in Forsaken, and will take a much more central role in the following books.

What was it that made you want to write for a YA audience?
Why young adult?  Because it's what I love to read.  And why paranormal/fantasy?  Because that genre gives me the greatest opportunity to create a quixotic, magical world that I can fall in love with.

I know that Forsaken is book one in a series. Have you started work on book two? 
Yes!  In fact, it's already ready!  I'm releasing it in early January.   There are going to be four books in total, and I'm already 90% done with the third.  So readers will NOT have to wait a long time to read the entire series :D

Thanks for your time, Sophia!

About Sophia:
I've been writing stories for as long as I can remember. Actually, that's a bit of a lie. I've been writing since the third grade, when a wonderful teacher asked everyone in class to write a fairy tale, and ended up picking mine as his favorite. He didn't tell the other kids, of course - but confided it in my parents. He said I have a natural knack for writing (his exact words! and I remember them to this day), and should never stop. So, I've kept going..

I've mostly been keeping it to myself, though. I've never really thought about becoming an "author," or a "writer" (quotations because those goals are still so far away!), so never had the need to share with anyone or publicize my stories. But, I'm just finishing up my second year in college, and have really started to think about careers and life goals and such other mysterious things. And while my friends were all busy trying to get internships for the summer this year, I just kept to myself with my writing hobby. I don't have an interest in going out and working professionally in the "real world" -- I want to keep writing forever, and I want to have time to do it. The only way I see myself having that time, though, is by becoming a published author.

So there you have it. That's the abbreviated history of one Sophia Sharp. I've been working on a few young adult paranormal/fantasy novels for the past few months, and I'm putting them all up as soon as they're done! Why young adult? Because it's what I love to read. And why paranormal/fantasy? Because that genre gives the greatest opportunities for creating a magical, romantic, quixotic world that I can fall in love with.

You can buy a copy of the book in the following places:

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