Wednesday 28 May 2014

City of Heavenly Fire Launch Party!

So yesterday, I was lucky enough to attend the City of Heavenly Fire Launch Party in London, hosted by Walker Books! It was such an incredible experience to be surrounded by fellow Shadowhunters on the official launch day for the book. Reading these books has been such a journey, and it was wonderful for us all to come together before the end!

My parabatai, Rachel, and I got to the event just before the start at 1pm. The theatre was absolutely gorgeous, definitely fitting for a TMI party! Magnus would be proud.

There were so many fans there, it was awesome! Everyone was dressed in their best Shadowhunter gear, or TMI related clothing. The stage in the theatre was set up with a rune body-art painting table, and a manicure bar.

Rachel and I headed straight for the rune queue, to have a pretty visibility rune painted on our arms.

There were even some very tall, and very gorgeous, Shadowhunter guys on the stage to take selfies with!

A huge screen was displaying quotes from the previous books, messages from Cassandra Clare, and even some questions to get the fans involved.

Our host for the afternoon was hilarious, and kept us all entertained by reading out tweets from the fans at the party. We even managed to get #TMIparty trending worldwide!

Then, at 2pm, we were able to watch an exclusive message from the lady herself, Cassandra Clare, including a brand new reading from the book. The atmosphere in the theatre was extremely tense as we all listened!

After that, we all got to watch the movie together. I have to say, being able to watch City of Bones in a room full of over 500 fans was one of the most amazing experiences. The cheering, and the whistling, the howling whenever Luke appeared on screen, and the actual emotional breakdown when Magnus addressed Alec for the first time was completely crazy! There is nothing quite like getting to fangirl with fellow fans.

When the movie was over, the excitement continued to build as we knew we’d be given a copy of the book on our way out. The eagerness of everyone was clear as we made our way outside to grab a goodie bag!

So now I have my copy of City of Heavenly Fire, and I’m just about to start reading. But before I do, I just want to thank the awesome fandom surrounding The Mortal Instruments series. You guys are all fantastic, and it’s been a pleasure to get emotional over my favourite characters with you. I can’t believe that this series is finally coming to an end after seven years. I have some unforgettable memories from the books, and the events, and the fans that I really will cherish forever.

Good luck, Shadowhunters, and may your favourite character survive this final battle!

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