Monday 5 October 2015

REVIEW: Rebels by Sarah Noffke

Series: The Reverians #2
Pages: 225, Kindle
Publisher: One-Twenty-Six Press
Release Date: September 15th 2015
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Em returns to Austin Valley, but there are many things that don’t add up about her homecoming. She’s left Rogue behind and is adamant that Dr. Parker must leave the Valley with her. Zack agrees to help her, but soon learns she’s not telling the whole truth when Rogue comes storming back. With the threesome reunited, they work on a plan to stop the Defect crisis. Their plan places all of them at risk, but Em knows they have no other choice. Hundreds of kids are being injected with poison every day and Nona, her sister, is one of them. Em Fuller has one mission and will stop at nothing to achieve it: Bring the government of Austin Valley down.

My Thoughts:
Rebels picks up a few months after the end of Defects. Rogue and Em are free from Austin Valley, but they both know that their peace is only temporary. They must continue the rebellion against the evil President Vider.

When Em realises that Rogue’s health is deteriorating, she goes back to Austin Valley in search of a solution. When Rogue follows her, they find themselves muddled up in even more secrets and lies surrounding Vider and his quest for ultimate power. 

The two of them team up with Zack and Nona in order to take away some of Vider’s control over the Valley. I loved Em being reunited with Nona. The relationship between the two sisters is wonderful to read, and I think Nona is a key part in the rebellion. What I also found interesting was Em’s discovery of her true name, and what it means. There is definitely more to the story of her, Nona, and the third sister, Dee. I’m excited to further explore the connection between them and their names.

Ren was back in Rebels, and he was just as fabulous as ever. Although he acts constantly irritated by Em and her questions, I think he is secretly growing fond of her. If anyone can help her figure out the path to getting justice for the Valley, it’s Ren. Even if he insists he doesn’t care! 

I adored the relationship between Em and Rogue. They work as a team, always looking out for one another. I found their relationship to be different to what I usually read in YA, simply because it was a healthy relationship. They were genuinely good for each other. It wasn’t some whirlwind romance that had occurred over the space of a week. Theirs was a relationship built upon friendship and years of history together. 

Although I knew Rogue was hiding something throughout the story, I was in no way prepared for what it turned out to be. It hit me like a train. I had my heart shattered by the ending of this book. I was actually on a train whilst I was reading the final few chapters, and once I figured out what was going to happen, I had to put my Kindle away until I got home because there was no way I was going to subject myself to that emotional torture whilst on public transport! 

The one character I have mixed emotions about in this book is Zack. I don’t know whether it’s because we don’t really know too much about him, or whether it’s just that he pales in comparison to Rogue’s vibrant personality, but I’m torn on whether I like him or not. With the ending of Rebels in mind, I’m certain we’ll be seeing more of Zack in the final book, Warriors, so I’m hoping he will get his chance to shine and my opinions will be changed. 

As heart-breaking as I found the ending, the one positive I can take away from it is that I know it’s going to make Em ruthless. She was determined to end Vider before, but now she will be completely cutthroat. I’m excited to see her strength grow.

As exciting as ever, Rebels is another fantastic edition to The Reverians series. Sarah Noffke always delivers a gripping plot and well-developed characters. I’m beyond ready to read the final book. 

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