Friday 20 May 2016

The Brains Behind The Blogs


So I want to do a thing, and I need your help. I want to interview you lovely people behind the fabulous blogs that create this wonderful community. Sometimes we can find that we spend so much time reading many reviews and bookish posts on blogs we love, and then realise that we don’t really know much about the person writing those posts. I’d love to learn what inspires you other bloggers to keep doing what you do, what encouraged you to blog in the first place, and who you are as a person! 

What I’d like to do is run a monthly feature right here on my own blog that highlights you and your blog. So whether you’re a new kid on the block trying to navigate the community for the first time, or whether you were reviewing books for your dinosaur friends approximately 231.4 million years ago, I want to chat to you. Mostly because I want to share your awesomeness with the blogging world, and partly because I’m generally very nosey. 

If you’d like to be asked a few questions about blogging, bookish things, and your fabulous self, please drop me an email to say hey with your blog URL included. I’m hoping to get the first interview posted next Friday, on May 27th, so if you want to be featured first, please get in touch by Monday 23rd to leave me enough time to chose a blog, send over the questions, and for you to answer them. However, since I’m hoping to make this a monthly feature, you can get in touch any time after that for future posts!   

Interested, maybe? Get in touch via email:

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