Saturday 29 October 2016

EVENT RECAP: Worlds Collide Tour with Leigh Bradugo & Rainbow Rowell

As you probably already know, I am a huge fan of Rainbow Rowell. Her books have literally set standards for everything else I read because they’re just that amazing. I’ve been part of the UK Fangirls group set up by the fabulous people at MyKindaBook for over a year now and there’s nothing I enjoy more than discussing Rainbow's amazing stories. After hearing a lot of buzz about Six of Crows from my fellow bloggers (making me pick up the book which subsequently ruined me emotionally) I’m now also a huge fan of Leigh Bardugo. So when I found out they were both coming on tour TOGETHER, to the UK, it’s safe to say I JUST HAD TO GO. Last night I was lucky enough to attend the final tour stop in Manchester, and here’s what went down!

I arrived at the library where the event was being held quite early and spent a little while curiously wandering around, not knowing where to go, and generally being too anxious to ask a person and find out (great start, brain). But I ended up meeting the lovely Sarah from Sarah’s Chapter and we started our own little queue outside that luckily ended up being in the right place. When it was time to be allowed in, I managed to grab a seat on the front row! 

Rainbow and Leigh started off the event with a little bit of background info on how they became friends. Leigh told us that she questioned Rainbow on why she was writing about a vampire with the name Baz, but not because she didn’t like the name. It was actually because at the time she was writing a story about a character named Baz Brekker. Yup, Kaz was originally named Baz!

Then we were all treated to a reading from both Carry On and Crooked Kingdom, and it was pure gold. From Carry On we got the scene between Simon and Baz down in the catacombs, and let me tell you, Leigh as Baz was utterly hilarious. From Crooked Kingdom we had the scene between Nina and Matthias whilst they’re undercover, and Rainbow as Matthias had everyone laughing.

After the readings, there was time for audience members to ask some questions. We found out that Leigh has been asked if she’ll write an epilogue or a short story about the future of the characters from SoC but she doesn’t want to do that because it would prevent her from returning to that world in the future. (Which she seems keen to do a few years down the line!) Both authors were asked to choose their favourite of each others characters from. Leigh said that Lincoln from Attachments is her ideal guy, whilst Rainbow’s favourite is Nina because she’s a woman who embraces everything about herself. Whilst talking about the publishing industry and dealing with rejections, Rainbow told us that Fangirl had a rocky start in the UK because she was told ‘fangirl’ wasn’t a term that was used over here and wouldn’t work as a title, which caused us all to giggle a little.

When the Q&A was over, we were then taken in rows to queue for the signing. Despite the large amount of people in attendance, both authors took the time to sign plenty of books and chat to everyone. As someone who gets very nervous at signings, it was great that the event was so relaxed. At one point, when I was quite near to the front of the line, the library accidentally turned the lights off on us, which turned out to be quite hilarious! Both Rainbow and Leigh were super lovely when I was having my books signed and it was a lovely ending to a wonderful event.


I was thrilled that we were allowed to take one of the gorgeous Six of Crows art cards. They were faced down on the table so we couldn’t see which one we chose, and I ended up actually getting the one I wanted the most!

My actual child, Wylan Van Eck Sunshine
We also got to take home one of these gorgeous tour badges. Isn’t the artwork beautiful?

Before I left, I was able to meet the lovely Beth from Words From A Reader, and there was some running for a train which may have almost killed us, but we lived to tell the tale. Was the event worth almost missing our train home for? Most definitely!

The Worlds Collide Tour is honestly one of the best author events I’ve been lucky enough to attend. Rainbow and Leigh are completely brilliant together and I hope they decide to do events together in the future. I’m so glad I had the chance to go - I had the best time! A huge thank you to everyone involved in making this tour happen.

Extra thanks to Kat from MyKindaBook for sending out one of the tour shirts, isn’t it gorgeous??

Were you lucky enough to attend one of the tour dates, or have you met either of these fab authors before? Let me know!


  1. Hey,
    I really like your post about the Machester event. I really wanted to join it aswell, but I had to work, so I ended up to Edinburgh (the day before the event in Manchester) to see both. I want to write about it on my blog aswell, but we weren't allowed to take photos during the event, sadly. Would it be ok, if I add alink to your post? So my reader can at least see a few photos of the event in Manchester. :)
    Btw I loved the performence of the both as they were reading out of each other books ;)
    Best wishes,
    Chrissi :)

    1. Hi Chrissi! Of course you can link to this post :) I'm sorry you weren't allowed to take pictures at the Edinburgh event!


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