Thursday 27 October 2016

REVIEW: Lie Kill Walk Away by Matt Dickinson

Pages: 320
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Vertebrate Publishing
Genre: Thriller, Action
Release Date: October 6th 2016
Buy The Book: Waterstones

I check the Range Rover dash. The keys are in there.
The sirens are closing in. There s a police helicopter coming over the hospital.

I have to decide. Decide right now. I can keep out of trouble. Not get involved. Just run away through the park and go home and pretend none of this has happened.

Or I can help Becca.

I stare into her eyes. Those deep blue eyes. Just for a split second.
I tell her, get in the car.

Joe and Becca uncover a deadly secret. A lethal bioweapon is about to be unleashed. Millions will suffer a terrible death.

Now they are being hunted down.

And their problems have only just begun ...

Lie Kill Walk Away is the latest teen thriller from Matt Dickinson, author of The Everest Files and Mortal Chaos.

My Thoughts:
This story follows two separate characters, Becca and Joe, as their worlds collide in a dangerous way. Becca’s father works for the government and a uncovers a sinister plot surrounding a biochemical weapon that could cause world devastation if released. After he leaks information to a journalist about the recent death of his colleague not being all what it seemed, Becca’s world is turned upside when her father is left in a coma. When she ends up meeting Joe, he decides to help her, getting himself involved in the process.

The book is super faced paced and exciting from the very start. The chapters are short, sharp, and to the point, but still manage to clearly showcase the characters’ strong personalities and allow us readers to get to know them. Though we are pretty much pushed head-first into the drama, nothing feels rushed. We’re immediately swept up in an action-packed race against time. Let me warn you now: the final quarter of this book is unbelievably tense. I was stressed just reading it!

Joe and Becca are delightful characters. I pretty much loved Joe from the minute I saw the opening of the first chapter from his POV. He’s witty and has a believable voice, and I loved his adoration for graffiti art (though not when he admires it in the middle of a fast-paced car chase - NOW IS NOT THE TIME, JOE). Becca developed so much throughout the course of the book. Considering she’s thrown into this with only Joe for help, completely out of her depth, she handles it well and learns how to stand up for herself and her father. I was so proud of her during the final parts of the story! The relationship that built between them was sweet and provided some welcome lighthearted moments.

What is truly creepy about this book is how easily a situation like this could become a reality. Bioweapons are as equally fascinating as they are terrifying to read about. When I put down the story, I was interested to know more. Matt recently wrote a guest post about the real life inspiration behind his story, which you can check out here. To know that a fictional story has potential to actually happen makes it all the more thrilling.

Lie Kill Walk Away is exciting from the very moment it starts, introducing us to some awesome characters whilst unravelling a danger-filled mystery along the way. The quick and intense chapters keep us on our toes and eager to find out if the characters will make it out safely. With it’s smart and polished plot, it certainly makes for a compelling read.

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