Friday 10 November 2017

REVIEW: Killer Storm by Matt Dickinson

Pages: 304
Format: Paperback
Series: The Everest Files #3
Publisher: Shrine Bell
Genre: Action, Adventure
Release Date: 17th August 2017
Buy The Book: Vertebrate Publishing

Teenage climber Ryan Hart is still in Nepal, working at a refugee centre with his Tibetan girlfriend, Tashi. His obsession with summiting Mount Everest is as strong as ever, but a climbing accident puts his plans on hold.

As soon as Ryan recovers, he and Tashi journey deep into the Himalaya. Old friends have come back into their lives and invited them on the adventure. On the way they discover disturbing news: Nepal’s summer rains have failed and the country is in chaos. There are riots in the cities. Bandits roam the hills.

As they arrive at Base Camp, a violent terrorist attack kicks off. Ryan and his friends are held hostage.

Escape is their only option, but all the trails are guarded. They must head for Everest’s deadly slopes. The friends battle against the elements to keep one step ahead of the terror leader as the chase intensifies…

Storm clouds gather high on the mountain.

The scene is set for the ultimate Everest adventure.

My Thoughts:
Killer Storm is the third and final book in The Everest Files by Matt Dickinson, and I've been looking forward to seeing how this story would come to an end! From the exciting location, the unique characters, and the gripping way in which the story is told, this series has been one that has really stood out to me recently. It always makes such a refreshing change from the books I usually tend to read.

Killer Storm follows on a year after the events that took place in the previous book, North Face. Ryan has stayed in Nepal with his girlfriend, Tashi, and has spent his time working at a refugee camp for the people of Tibet who are trying to reach safety. Although his university has given him a deadline for coming back and continuing his training to be a vet, his dream of summitting Everest is still luring him in. After reuniting with some old friends, Ryan decides to trek to Base Camp once more before coming to a decision about his future. But a terrorist attack leaves Ryan with only one option, to keep climbing up.

For Ryan's final journey in this series, not only did we have some interesting new characters to learn about, but we were also given a reunion between characters from the previous books. It was fun and heart-warming to see them all interact for the first time. I love how this series, whilst following Ryan's journey, tells a bunch of individual stories from the different characters, explaining their own journey to the mountain. It helps break the story up a little and keep it exciting. The characters themselves are always fascinating, and you can't help but root for Ryan and those he meets along the way. I also have to mention how happy I am that whilst there were romantic relationships in this series, it has always remained super subtle. I always appreciate it when the romance remains a nice subplot, rather than the main drama within the story!

What's also wonderful about this story is it's commentary on the politics that effect the citizens of Nepal and Tibet. Whilst the situations in this book are fictional, it shines a light on the political unrest that really does take place in these countries. It's remained a strong theme throughout this series, and I feel like I've learned a few things from it along the way.

The conclusion to Ryan's story is a brilliant one, filled with action and emotional moments until the end. I'll definitely miss this bunch of characters! I'm also going to miss the location. Everest is such an exciting place to set a series and the climbing scenes have been perfectly described, transporting you right to the mountain. (Base Camp is a destination on my bucket list and these books have only encouraged it!) I'm so glad I had the chance to read the story of Ryan and his friends.

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