Sunday 12 September 2021

BLOG TOUR: Writing in Verse | Baby Teeth by Meg Grehan

Today I'm honoured to be closing the blog tour for Baby Teeth by Meg Grehan, who is sharing her thoughts about writing in verse!

Hello! My name is Meg Grehan and my new book Baby Teeth has just been released. It’s about a vampire named Immy who has lived countless lives but has never loved as deeply as she does in this life. It’s about love, desire and identity and is written in verse. Thank you so much to Queen of Teen Fiction for sharing my post about writing in verse! 

I’ve always loved writing, as a kid it was my absolute favourite thing to do. I’d sit at the little writing desk my dad built for me and write all day. I wrote a lot about fairies and mermaids as a kid and as a teenager I wrote about love and mysteries. Then I stopped writing. I was busy with college and work and my new life as an adult and I didn’t make time for writing, no matter how much I missed it. Then I discovered verse, and fell head over heels for this new way of writing and expressing myself. When I first decided to try writing in verse I was nervous, what if I just wasn’t good at it? What if I just couldn’t do it? But it all just came naturally to me. Writing in verse may seem daunting, but it’s all about trusting your instincts and writing what feels right to you. I would encourage anyone to give it a try, it’s a very liberating way to write! 

I’m a very visual writer, I love finding images that inspire me and am constantly on pinterest or journaling about my ideas and I think that that’s really helpful when writing verse. You have so few words to work with that it’s important to choose the right ones. I find journaling and finding pictures help me really distill my ideas and narrow down exactly what it is I want to say or express. I think rhythm and pace are also so important when you’re writing verse so sometimes I find it helpful to think of it as music, to let myself fall into a rhythm and just let the words flow. Writing in verse is all about trusting yourself and just letting the words come as they please. It’s such a fun way to write and using so few words means even what you choose not to say is important! 

I think anyone who is interested in writing should try writing verse at least once, just to see what it's like, you might love it!

Huge thank you to Meg for the fabulous post! be sure to check out the other stops from the tour:

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