Greetings, my fellow book enjoyers! I'm grateful you've stumbled across my tiny corner of the internet.  I'm Katie, and as you've probably guessed, I love books. I love reading books, collecting books, photographing books, protecting spines of books from being destroyed by family members who borrow said books. They're undoubtedly a huge part of my world.

When I was younger, none of my friends enjoyed reading as I did, so I went looking for other ways to share my book-related thoughts. I started this blog in January 2011 after doing a review for a teen magazine. Setting up The Queen of Teen Fiction has helped me to share my book love with other fiction fanatics, meet some amazing new people, and help pair folks with their new favourite read. 

Whilst I'm a reader of just about anything, this blog mostly focuses on books for young adults. When I was growing up, the YA market was nowhere near as huge as it is today, so I didn't really get to delve into it until my late teens. But once I did, I realised just how important these books are to me, and they've helped me figure out things about myself and the world around me ever since. That's why I believe young people deserve to discover stories that will help them navigate the ups and downs of life. Which is what this blog is all about. 

I'm a university graduate with a degree in media, currently trying to make my way as a freelance artist and content creator. If I'm not hiding away in my bedroom with a book, I can often be tempted outdoors with my camera, or to the garden centre to bring home a new plant that I definitely don't have room for.

In my spare time, I'm a volunteer at my local Oxfam store where I work with the vintage clothes. It started my journey to discovering sustainable fashion, and now I very rarely wear clothes that aren’t thrifted. If you happen to follow me on Twitter, you'll probably already know that KPOP and anime is 90% of my personality. So, if you need recs for either, I'm your girl.

As well as reading stories, I also enjoy attempting to write them. I take part in NaNoWriMo almost every year, regret it immediately, but persevere regardless. I also research and write about obscure facts and history at Listverse and TopTenz.

I love to chat to authors, bloggers, and just book lovers in general, so please feel free to contact me via email or drop me a tweet! If you have any questions, or you’d like to find out more facts about me and the blog, you can check out the FAQ page here.

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  1. Great blog, Your reviews have led me to some great books.Thanks from a book-loving teen


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